Digital Products

I sell downloadable, educational products. I write, make videos (generally showing my screen or slides, while I talk), and record audio.

Buy risk free. I offer a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. If you aren’t satisfied, you get a refund.

Product titles are links to a store page with more info and a purchase button.

Critical Fallibilism Course ($400)

Learn tools for thinking effectively. This is original material which builds most on Popper and Goldratt. I taught the course live on Zoom, using slides, and it’s a hybrid between lecture and discussion. Read details of topics covered.

Yes or No Philosophy ($400)

Learn how and why to create clearcut yes-or-no answers to questions, and learn why the concept of “degrees of support” (such as the weight of the evidence or “strong” arguments) is a mistake. Includes a mix of videos and articles. Read more information.

Fallible Ideas Bundle ($75)

This includes 18 products I used to sell individually. They’re mostly videos or audio.

Videos: Grammar and Analyzing Text ($150)

These 14 hours of video will help you learn grammar. Watch the introduction video to see what’s included. These videos expand on my free article English Language, Analysis & Grammar. English is simpler than people realize and my article explains the main patterns and how to analyze sentences.

Eli Goldratt Screencasts ($100)

Learn about Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints, the best business philosophy. Includes an overview of Goldratt’s best ideas and 11.5 hours of video.

Educational Videos: Reading George Reisman’s book on Marxism and Socialism ($50)

In 8 hours of video, I walk you through everything Reisman’s book is saying. Learn why Marxism and socialism are so bad and how to refute them in detail. I’ve also provided worksheets, with answers, to help you check your understanding.

Videos: Objective Knowledge, by Karl Popper, Chapter 1 ($50)

In these 7 videos (5.6 hours), I read Popper’s chapter Conjectural Knowledge: My Solution of the Problem of Induction. I explain and discuss the ideas.

Atlas Shrugged Chapter 3 Close Reading  ($2+)

Analysis of ch. 3 of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. You can read ch. 1 and ch. 2 analysis for free.