Elliot Temple

I’m a philosopher. The diagram above shows the most important intellectual traditions I build on.

Contact: et@elliottemple.com

I research ideas, create educational material and run three discussion forums. Most of my writing is free at my websites, and I also sell digital educational products and philosophy consulting. I have a YouTube, Podcast and eBooks.


Fallible Ideas

Philosophy articles, including book recommendations.

Curiosity Blog & Forum

I write about philosophy and I use philosophy to understand other fields like politics, parenting, relationships, psychiatry, economics and science. Posts are used as forum topics to have discussions.

Yes or No Philosophy

Buy educational materials explaining my most important contribution to epistemology (the philosophy of knowledge).

Learn Objectivism

Learn about Ayn Rand’s philosophy. I consider Objectivism and Critical Rationalism (by Karl Popper) the most important philosophies. This incomplete site has close readings of Atlas Shrugged chapters.

The Beginning of Infinity

Info about David Deutsch’s great book. I wrote over 250 pages of comments and edits during the writing process. He was my mentor for my first 10 years of learning philosophy. We had around 5,000 hours of discussions. He’s a huge influence on my ideas.

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